6 Qualities of Great Web3 Recruiting Partners

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Looking for the best Recruitment Agency to hire your Web3 Product and Engineering teams? Find a great recruiter by looking for these six qualities.

A great Web3 Recruiter will do more than find “qualified people.” They will change your business outcomes.

These are the 6 qualities of a great Web3 recruiting partner

1. They listen to candidates to uncover how they can negotiate a potential offer

Every candidate will have a list of  “must-haves.” This includes salary, work schedule, type of work, training opportunities, career growth potential, and benefits. The recruiter needs to focus on making the person's situation better than what they currently have. Sometimes improving a person's situation can come down to details like remote work or working for an innovative product. These details help negotiate the best package for both sides.

2. They have refined sales and negotiation skills

Recruiting requires the same amount of sales as a real estate deal. There is a seller (the candidate) and a buyer (the company). The candidate is marketing their skills to get the best offer from the company. To facilitate this transaction you have to listen to both sides' needs and then package an acceptable deal for both parties. Being able to sell the pros and minimize the cons is what will get the deal closed.

3.  They are emphatic and diplomatic

Recruiters have to deliver your decision to pass on a candidate. They have to communicate more rejections than wins. It is imperative that they can diplomatically deliver bad news without offending anyone. This, in turn, helps you maintain a positive view of your brand.

4. They have in-depth knowledge of your product and industry

To be a great recruiter, you will need strong knowledge about the industry you are recruiting for. For example, an IT Recruiter will have a tough time qualifying a Software Engineer if they know very little about the development process or the underlying technology. It is also essential to have knowledge of emerging trends and the best companies in the industry.

5. They are adaptable

As the saying goes, “life happens.” With no warning, candidates will stop their search, managers will change job requirements, positions will go on hold, and candidates will accept counter-offers. They must roll with the punches and stay consistent to win the battle.

6. They have large networks of pre-qualified candidates

Recruiters who build relationships will have a larger network of pre-qualified candidates, which improves speed to find the right match for your company. They do this by building trust throughout the hiring process. A great recruiter will spend time giving pointers and preparing candidates for interviews. They will also provide feedback after interviews to help them improve for their next interview if things don’t go well. If they build good relationships with candidates, their network grows through referrals and by having a good rapport with those they have worked with in the past.

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