Shown Live

Strategy and Development for a Live Content Sponsorship Marketplace

Shown Live is A First Ever Web3 Sponsorship Marketplace for Live Content

In 2022 Video Marketing Dollars spent surpassed $100 billion globally, while Live Content Creators only see $50 per month. Live Content Creators are underpaid, have the most expensive type of content to create, and are subject to using multiple platforms to promote their live content.

Shown Live solves that by giving the Sponsorship money directly to the creators and gifting Marketing NFT collectibles to the Creator's audiences. This creates a unique growth loop: The more Sponsorship money, the more Creators earn, the more Content Creators can produce, and the more NFTs are distributed to audiences, the more Marketer's brands grow through NFT collection.

This Product Led Growth Strategy was developed by using Moon Now's custom "Moon Method", which ensures growth loops built into MVP. Moon Now also developed the MVP platform.

Tech Stack Includes:

  • Webflow
  • Wized
  • Airtable
  • Stripe
  • Xano
  • Web3 API solution

*The Moon Method is a Research, Testing, and Optimization framework to ensure Product Market Fit, Organic Acquisition Loops, and Profitable Monetization.