Broadway Exchange

Moon Now helps the Broadway Exchange Team determine collecting conversion rate drop off.

Broadway Exchange The First-Ever Collectibles Marketplace for Broadway Fans

They BWAYX team contracted Moon Now to figure out the reason why their over 70K social followers were not collecting free NFTS from the most popular Broadway Shows. Moon Now used its propriety Moon Method* to unlock the key to success. Moon Now did extensive research and tests to uncover the solution to the Broadway Exchange's Product Marketing Fit problem.

Key Insights Included:

  • Broadway fans were avid collectors of physical items and found value in collecting digital items.
  • Digital items needed to represent the show the person went to on a particular day.
  • Fans wanted exclusive access to the cast and backstage.

These insights helped the Broadway Exchange rethink their MVP to include a date/time stamp on each NFT to represent the show the person went to and ways to offer unique experiences to those that collected.

*The Moon Method is a Research, Testing, and Optimization framework to ensure Product Market Fit, Organic Acquisition Loops, and Profitable Monetization.